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I’m still here.

Been dealing with life and sadness. It’s hard to do anything when I’m ignored by people these days. My now ex-boyfriend decided it was better to lie about me giving him an STD than really tell me why he didn’t want to be with me. He’s such an asshole. He conveniently missed his appointment and was too busy to reschedule, even after I explained how invasive it would be for me while his doctor could just look at the problem and maybe tell him. I got tested and all was normal. I haven’t heard from him since I told him that. 

My best friend here may be going through a depression herself but barely talks to me. Don’t think she’s mad at me this time. We spent many evenings together before the new year, and I think I’ve seen her four times since then. She assumed that because I was seeing someone, I was busy. I was the one time she asked to do anything, and that was Valentine’s Day.

All I do these days is work out and go outside for walks. (I gained back almost twenty of the fifty pounds I’d lost when I was seeing Derrick, and after.) I don’t know where to meet people. I’ve come a long way since last year but I still don’t know how I make it through a day.

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